Creative Community: Augusta Cole

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So excited to share another post in my Creative Community series. This is where I feature a friend from our wonderful community of creative professionals here in the Magic City. I’m honored to work among so many people who are so gifted and so generous with their work. Check it out here, to see all the posts so far.

As a ninth edition in this series, I’d like to feature my talented friend, Augusta Cole. The images above feature some of her styling work, and there is a guest appearance from Marlowe!

Augusta is fun, lively, passionate and so great at what she does. I highly recommend that you get in touch with her for anything you need – she has so many gifts and talents. I’ve enjoyed building a brand new friendship with her.

Augusta was kind to answer a few questions for me below.

1. What drew you into this/why do you love it?

I’ve always been drawn to the arts. In high school, I developed a love for oil painting and spent some time traveling, and studying fine art. Being in the creative industry makes me feel like I’m doing exactly what God designed me to do. It provides me with both fulfillment and purpose. Each day looks different, feels different, and I appreciate the diversity in my career. When you feel like you are totally and completely in your element, finding the balance between being comfortable and being challenged, that’s when you realize that you love what you do.

2. How do you gain creative inspiration?

Inspiration comes to me in a variety of ways. Whether it’s a film, a piece of music, or fine art, I collect influence from anything and everything. I’m drawn to both detailed gothic architecture, and minimal design. I prefer darker/richer imagery, in all senses. Sometimes, I will wake up in the middle of the night and think of something I want to incorporate in an upcoming editorial shoot, and I have to write it down immediately. Fun Fact: I’m a huge fan of Gregorian Chants and listen to it while I work almost everyday.