Timeless Film Photography
and Organic Florals

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Every event is unique. Whether Mandy is photographing
your wedding day or a special time at home with your family,
she approaches each client with great care. Mandy’s ability
to connect and create a calm and relaxing environment
is one of her many strengths.



01. film photography

Simple, elegant, classic, and natural. Mandy works hard to provide direction and consider all the elements necessary to achieve the best photograph possible. However, she is intentional about documenting the unplanned — those shots that capture a sacred moment, in order to memorialize true emotion, joy, and beauty of your sweet day. 

Mandy primarily uses film for its unmatched quality and unique beauty. This medium complements her artistic values by allowing her to focus her attention on engaging with people. Mandy believes the combination of digital technology and classic film techniques captures each moment and produces a memorable portfolio for her clients. 

02. floral design

Mandy florals are the perfect mix of classic, refined with an organic feel. The flowers move and flow with ease to create natural elegance. She hand picks flowers that best suite her bride's unique style and vision. Inspired by natural blooms and an english garden style, her fresh florals are sure to create a breathtaking atmosphere.

Mandy provides anything from the rehearsal dinner flowers, to the day-of personals, to an overgrown arbor of blooms. Her favorite wedding is small and intimate with special attention to the smallest of floral details.


“I’m going to make everything beautiful – that will be my life.”

- elsie de wolfe

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